Lean Training Business for Sale


Established “Goldmine” Lean Manufacturing & Just-in-time Logistics Training Institute

Owning this, U.S. Copyright Protected” Intellectual Property Means you Own 357 Billable “Days” Value in Over 22,800 Professionally Designed, Progressively Animated, Ready to Employ, MS Power Point Teaching Slides Grouped into “Functional” 1-20 Day Workshop Teaching Lesson Plan Sets with Nine (9), Hands-On, Training Simulations. These Lesson Plan Sets Cover Fifty (50) Lean Manufacturing and Just-in-time Logistics Subjects Enabling Your Firm’s Expansion, and their Immediate Employment Through-out Your Consulting and Training Opportunities.

If you are looking for a complete, turn-key ability to teach, coach, and consult in the areas of lean manufacturing and just-in-time logistics, look no farther. 

As reflected in the drawing above, Just-in-time Enterprise Institute (JEI), Inc. has been very successfully providing lean education for numerous clients since 2008.

Its focus is on providing quality education to its clients in the following ways;

  • Lean Manufacturing Systems & Just-in-time Logistics Education
  • Coaching and Leading Creation of Flow through internal value streams & Supply Channel Flow Kaizen (Kaikaku)

Its mission has always been to provide effective education & coaching to assist in transforming partner clients to lean manufacturing & just-in-time logistics principles & practices.  Our goal has always been to provide the highest possible quality transfer of flow kaizen knowledge to needing organizations.  For more detail reference JEI, link with the ABOUT JEI page of this website.

JEI’s Strengths

  • Fifty (50) original and comprehensive Programs of Instruction (POI) (i.e., Lesson Plan sets featuring 22,800, mostly animated, slides,) covering all aspects of Lean Manufacturing & Just-in-time Logistics
  • Extensive series of ten (10) original in-depth, hands-on knowledge transferring training simulations.
  • Comprehensive series of twenty-five (25) teaching case studies reflecting the successful transformation of lean principles and practices and the value gained through transformation to lean
  • Extensive network of clients and powerful 41,218+ e-Mail network (See TAB F)
  • Established series of ten (10) public Lean & JIT Logistics education workshops

Sale Website

Throughout this message are links to components of a comprehensive business sale process website.  You can safely follow these links to the corresponding segment or TAB of the website for a much more in-depth discussion of the exact assets and intellectual property being offered during this sale. You can also, safely download, for your closer inspection, complete documents (up to 123 pages in length) reflecting all of the information shown on the TABs.

The in-depth materials available for study in this website include,

JEI’s Offerings

As reflected in the chart below, JEI is offering comprehensive (copyright protected) Programs of Instruction (POI) to foster learning in all aspects of Lean Manufacturing and Just-in-time Logistics Organizational Transformation.

  • Downloadable detailed discussions of each of the fifty (50) workshop lesson plan sets can be safely viewed at this PROGRAMS OF INSTRUCTION DESCRIPTIONS TAB C Link.
  • Description of JEI’s ten (10) copyright protected training simulations employed during these lesson plan’s use can be viewed and downloaded by following this TRAINING SIMULATIONS DESCRIPTIONS TAB D Link.
  • Inspection of JEI’s twenty-five (25) Teaching Case Studies can be appraised at TAB E Link.

Types of teaching mechanisms JEI has historically employed include;

  • Assisting in Integrating in a Culture of Lean
  • Teaching Just-in-time Enterprise Flow Public Workshops
  • Coaching On-Site internal Value Stream Flow Kaizen Workshops (Kaikaku)
  • Coaching Operational Process (Shop Floor) Kaizen Workshops
  • Teaching Complex Multi-tiered Supply Chain Flow Kaizen Workshops
  • Teaching Just-in-time “Complete” Enterprise Flow Certification Series

A more detailed description of Just-in-time Enterprise Institute’s (JEI) breadth of lean transformation support offerings can be seen and downloaded by following this JEI LEAN TRANSFORMATION SUPPORT OFFERINGS TAB A Link.

Process for Corporation Sale & Intellectual Property Sale

A detailed description of the sale process can be safely studied at TAB B.  If you are interested in researching/inspecting the assets reflected in this sale offering, please call or email me and we can (1) enroll one member of your staff in a free demonstration 3 Day Hi-Mix Supply Chain Flow workshop from June 19-21, 2017, and (2) arrange a period for your potential purchase decision team, of up to three people, to conduct due diligence validation inspections of the value reflected by these lean transformation support educational offerings.  This day long inspection session can be scheduled during the period of July 5-21, 2017 at a business sale assets display facility in Georgetown, KY.  All assets of the corporation and the intellectual property of James Price reflected in this business sale website’s TABs and asset listings will be available at this facility for in-depth inspection and functional value validation.

As reflected above, prior to your JEI corporate asset validation inspection visit, a member of your decision team can participate, as our guests, in a teaching materials demonstration 3 day workshop conducted in Georgetown, KY from June 19-21, 2017.  This workshop will demonstrate JEI’s approach to conduct of our public 3-Day Just-in-time Hi-Mix, Multi-tier Supply Channel Flow workshop lesson plan and its two supporting hands-on training simulations.  This public workshop’s structure and agenda can be viewed by following this LINK to TAB C.

After completion of the teaching materials demonstration workshop (Described at TAB M) and corporate asset inspection session (Described at TAB K), we will accept sealed binding offers from August 16-21, 2017 via registered mail/FedEx to purchase JEI and all offered intellectual property assets in accordance with the Proposed Sale Agreements reflected in TAB G.

Business sale will include all assets of JEI as an entity and the intellectual property of James Price. Corporate assets include; JEI corporate copyrights, corporate trademark, corporate good will, marketing lists, etc. Intellectual property of James Price includes; Programs of Instruction (POI), Training Simulations, teaching case studies, etc.  Offers will be opened and inspected by our attorney on August 22, 2017 and the highest offer exceeding our reserve level and conforming, as close as possible, with our sale process procedures, will be officially accepted.  We will immediately notify you that your offer has been accepted and will schedule a face-to-face pre-closing meeting at the sale assets inspection facility, on or around September 4-5, 2017. During this meeting, all aspects of the sale will be discussed and final preparations made for a closing on, or around, September 14, 2017.

You will have until five (5) business days following this pre-closing meeting to arrange full certifiable payment capability and forward the required $5,000.00 binding deposit payment.  Once your ability to purchase has been certified, a closing meeting will be scheduled.  During this closing meeting, all formal corporate ownership documents, corporate registrations, website ownership, reassignment of copyrights, etc. will be formally transferred into the purchaser’s ownership.  If desired, a non-competition agreement by James Price will be included in the JEI Sale Agreement Contract.

Immediately on completion of transfer of ownership and payment of sale funds at closing has been accomplished, secure access to the asset inspection and validation facility and all of its contents will be physically transferred to the purchaser.  The purchaser will have until September 27, 2017 to remove all purchased assets and clear the facility.  If this is not possible, continued rental of the inspection facility space by the purchaser can be independently arranged with the facility owner.

If the purchaser desires, follow-on staff teaching materials familiarization support (e.g., train-the-trainer, lesson plan modification, website modification, employment of training simulations, etc.) can be negotiated or arranged on a daily fee basis for up to one year after purchase.   Additionally, follow-on support in teaching & facilitating training for the purchaser’s clients as an independent contractor can also be arranged, even beyond the indicated first year.

If you are looking for a complete, turn-key ability to teach, coach, and consult in the areas of lean manufacturing and just-in-time logistics, look no farther.  Contact me, James Price at (859) 351-3215 or email at jim.price@jitenterprise.com and I will be glad to answer any questions you might have.

*This website is copyright protected. To use any of this site’s information commercially, contact James Price (859) 351-3215.