About JEI

Lean Manufacturing & Just-in-time Logistics Education & Support Program

About the Institute


  • Lean Systems & Just-in-time Logistics Education
  • Former UK Lean System Designers, Coaches, & Educators
  • Creation of Flow through Internal & Supply Chain Flow Kaizen (Kaikaku) 


  • Education & Coaching to Assist in Transforming Partner Organizations to Lean Manufacturing & Just-in-time Logistics Principles & Practices 

Goals & Objectives

  • Provide Highest Quality Education & Coaching Transfer of Flow Kaizen Knowledge 

Our Approach 

First we Listen (and Learn)!  Only after we fully understand your business and problems do we assist your people in developing and executing a “practical transformation path toward a lean operational & management culture

Our role ends when enough knowledge has been transferred through our coaching to allow your staff  to complete the process of integrating lean principles into every aspect of your company’s enterprise activities.